Romain Fontugne 

Senior researcher - Internet Initiative Japan (IIJ-II), Part time lecturer - Waseda University

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Romain Fontugne received his Master’s degree in Computer Science from Joseph Fourier University, France, in 2008. He received his Ph.D. degree from the Department of Informatics, the Graduate University for Advanced Studies (Sokendai), Japan, where he was working under the supervision of Kensuke Fukuda in Fukuda laboratory. From Nov. 2011 to Sep. 2013, Romain was a postdoctoral researcher (JSPS Fellowship) at the University of Tokyo, Esaki Laboratory. He worked from Oct. 2013 to Sep. 2015 at the National Institute of Informatics for the NECOMA project (Nippon-European Cyberdefense-Oriented Multilayer threat Analysis). His research interest are Internet traffic analysis, Internet security and traffic visualization. He is also a member of the WIDE project working on the MAWI archive.

Research interest

  • Network traffic anomaly 
    Nowadays many attractive network services are available for ordinary users through the Internet. Consequently, the growth rate of the Internet traffic is still high, and the traffic includes more and more anomalies such as misconfigurations, failures, and attacks. These improper uses of networks are bandwidth consuming and weaken performance of networks. Anomaly detection in Internet traffic is essential to guarantee legitimate applications for using optimal resources. Detecting anomalies quickly and accurately in network traffic is a hot and challenging research topic in networking.
  • Network traffic visualization
    Intuitive investigation in dump files is conducted using graphical representation of the traffic. Visualization tool displays various information in a way that important features of the traffic are highlighted, thus, main characteristics are understood at a glance. Several levels of detail and aggregation of the traffic can be achieved by visualizing network traffic.